Nigel Bloomer Photography has provided wedding photography to many couples who have married at this special Church in Abergavenny.

This is the Westminster Abbey of South Wales, for the great ones of all the ages lie here – Norman, Plantagenet, Tudor and Stuart – with carved wood or marble or freestone above them.

St Mary’s Priory Church, Abergavenny, is no ordinary Church, it was founded in 1087 as a Benedictine Priory alongside the frontier castle in the reign of William 2nd, by Hameline de Ballon, the first Norman Lord of Abergavenny, and was intimately connected with the Lordship thereafter. Both the Priory and the Castle were focal points in the turbulent times of the Welsh Wars which followed the Norman incursion into Wales, particularly into the areas known as the ‘Welsh March’, close to the old borders with England.

As well as housing an outstanding collection of beautiful tombs and monuments, which have been restored, there are many many artefacts and much information about people and incidents which paint a fascinating picture of life and times in the mediaeval period, not just locally but having impact throughout the Country. The Plantagenets and their cohorts, the rise of the Tudors and their impact on saving the Priory contents from harm at the Dissolution and the later movements of Charles 1st are all witnessed.

The Priory has alongside it the beautifully restored Tithe Barn which provides a vivid interpretation of the history of the Priory and Abergavenny and houses the extraordinary Abergavenny Tapestry, some 24’x6’ which also helps the understanding of the last 1000 years. Group or individual tours of the Priory and Exhibition can be easily arranged through the Tithe Barn Reception and tailor made to match the level of interest of the participants.

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